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Maths is a vital part of the curriculum and one which will benefit our children throughout their lives. Like all our lessons, maths lessons are fun and enjoyable and teach children the necessary key skills in an interactive way. Teachers use Mymaths for some lessons and set homework tasks on a regular basis. This makes the learning more fun.

We also use Assertive Mentoring. This comprises of fortnightly skills checks- to support children in gaining mastery; times tables challenges- to encourage children to acquire rapid recall of times tables facts and half termly assessments- these enable the teachers to identify gaps in understanding and therefore alter their planning to accommodate all learners.

In line with the new curriculum, Years 3 - 6 focus heavily on arithmetic skills and gaining mastery in the four operations. As the children gain confidence, they will be able to use and apply these skills to solve problems and make great progress.

Please look below for some useful links to support your child/children at home.

Investigating square and cube numbers

On No Pens Day, Year 5 were problem solving using concrete representations- it was very challenging but great fun!

On Friday 9th June 2017, we held a Maths Day where all classes had fun with Maths in different ways. Nursery and reception were counting on using teddy bears hidden under blankets and dice as well as counting out their fruit and much more. Year 1 were solving number bonds using Numicon; Year 2 were problem solving; Year 3 and 4 got tangled in Tangrams; Year 4 created tessellating patterns as well as making delicious fairy cakes;  Year 5 used their problem solving skills to solve a murder and Year 6 created some tantalising tessellations.

Look at our photos to see what we did :)