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10.2.21 Lesson 1 – Literacy

Today you will begin writing your own created story! When you are writing your story opening, I would like you to really concentrate on where you need to put capital letters and full stops, as well as writing neatly on the lines! I can’t wait to see your wonderful writing!


10.2.21 Lesson 2 – Phonics

Today we are recapping some red words and looking at some more alien words too:

Your new spellings are attached.


10.2.21 Lesson 3 – Maths Challenge

This week’s maths on adding by making 10 has been a tricky one! Here is the related Oak Academy lesson to help reinforce this concept.


10.2.21 Lesson 5 - RE

Click the link for today’s RE lesson about special objects and features within a church:


( Link for church tour video )


Attached is your church special objects worksheet.