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Monday 1.2.21


1.2.21 Lesson 1 – Literacy

Today you are recapping the suffix –ed for the past tense, but also learning a new suffix –ing for the present tense. You will have a go at using these endings within sentences, using your own created story.


1.2.21 Lesson 2 – Phonics

Click the link for today’s phonics lesson on the alternative spellings for the ‘s’ sound:


1.2.21 Lesson 3 – Maths

Today’s maths lesson is about ‘addition to 20’ and how to count on:

You will need your ten frame and counters and/or a whiteboard and pen.

The worksheet to complete afterwards is attached.


1.2.21 Lesson 4 – Jigsaw (PHSE)

Begin today’s session with the Calm Me Time on the website:

Attached is this week’s Jigsaw lesson about stretching your learning. See attachments below.

This is the link for the Zen Den I mention at the end of the lesson: