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Monday 18.1.21

18.1.21 Lesson 1 – Literacy

Click on the link to see today’s lesson about writing questions for a character:


18.1.21 Lesson 2 – Phonics

Click on the link for today’s phonics lesson where we are recapping our alternative pronunciations:

Please see the attachment to practise writing out some red words (words that you do no need to sound out). These words will also be your spellings to practise ready for next Monday.


18.1.21 Lesson 3 – Maths

Our new maths unit is all about: Numbers to 20. Click on the link to access your first lesson:


18.1.21 Lesson 4 – Jigsaw (PHSE)

Before you begin today’s lesson, click on this link to take part in your ‘calm me time’:

Your Jigsaw lesson is attached to this post.


18.1.21 Lesson 4 – Jigsaw (Part 2!)

Attached is the star for your task. You could either print this out, draw your own onto paper, or complete this part of the lesson tomorrow when you have collected your work pack from school.