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Wednesday 20.1.21

20.1.21 Lesson 1 – Literacy

Click on the link for today’s literacy lesson about ‘adjectives’:


20.1.21 Lesson 2 – Phonics

Click the link for today’s phonics lesson on the alternative spellings of /j/:


20.1.21 Lesson 3 – Maths Challenge

Your maths challenge is attached. Please watch my video first to help you:


20.1.21 Lesson 4 – Art

See attachment for your next lesson in ‘Colour Creations’ all about mixing primary colours to make secondary colours.


20.1.21 Lesson 4 – Art (Part 2)

See attachment for your Art follow-up activity. You can use whatever media you have at home (pencils, crayons, felt-tips etc.) but remember to colour in the segments neatly and think very carefully about where each colour will go. I recommend colouring in the primary colours first, leaving a gap between each, then work out which colour these make when mixed together.