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Thursday 28.1.21


28.1.21 Lesson 1 – Maths

Use the link below to access todays Maths lesson on comparing numbers to 20.


28.1.21 Lesson 2 – Phonics

Today’s phonics lesson is about alternative spelling of r.

After you have watched the video complete the missing words sheet below.


28.1.21 Lesson 3 – History

Use the power point below (or the video version attached) to find out about the people that work in a castle. When you have read it, use the sheet on the next post to order the sentences about what a Lord might do in a day. When you have them in the correct order stick them onto the timetable sheet or into your book.


28.1.21 Lesson 4 – Reading Comprehension

Look at the comprehension below. Read the first page and then answer the questions on the second page in your exercise book.