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3.12.20 Lessons

Thursday 3rd December


3.12.20 Lesson 1 – Maths

Watch and complete the Oak Academy Lesson on Subtraction using this link:

You will need to use your pencil and your green exercise books to record your work as you work through the lesson. You will also need some counting objects (e.g. stones, pens), colouring pencils and a die. You could use your whiteboard and pen to draw a part-whole model when required. Remember to send me a photo of your completed independent task!


3.12.20 Lesson 2 – Phonics

Watch the video to learn the new sound ‘e_e’:

Perhaps you could take a photo of the e_e words you write or your bingo board.


3.12.20 Lesson 3 – Geography

Watch and complete the Oak Academy Lesson on the seven continents.

Remember to send some pictures of your learning to me!

3.12.20 Lesson 4 – Maths Challenge

For your Maths challenge today I would like you to login in to I will send you a message on class dojo with your child’s login details. When you have finished the homework, that I have set, there are lots of games that you can play on there too! I will be able to see when you have completed the work so there is no need to send a picture of this.