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Wednesday 3.2.21


3.2.21 Lesson 1 – Literacy

Your lesson today begins with recapping your work on your created story, and some spellings, and then teaches you all about how to find key information within a text.


3.2.21 Lesson 2 – Phonics

Click the link for your phonics lesson on the alternative spelling of the sound ‘i’:


3.2.21 Lesson 3 – Maths Challenge

This Oak Academy lesson recaps the ‘addition by counting on’ work that you have been doing this week. I have attached the independent task that you will need to work on as part of the lesson.


There only 3 tasks to do today as we would like you to have some time this afternoon away from screens and focus on your own wellbeing. I suggest going for a walk, doing some baking, or playing some family board games. You do not need to let me know how you use this time, just try to find some happiness and relaxation, however you see fit. There will not be a Teams meeting this afternoon for this reason, so Mrs Bryans will see you at 9.30am!