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Tuesday 5.1.21

5.1.21 Lesson 1 – Maths

Watch the Oak Academy lesson to learn about 3D shapes. The independent task in the video is about which shapes would be best to build a tower with. At this point, you could write a list of the 3D shapes you would use and draw a picture of a tower built from 3D shapes.

When you have completed the Oak lesson, your follow up maths challenge is to go on a 3D shape hunt around your home. Draw or write a list of real life objects that are a 3D shape.

E.g. Cylinder – can of beans. Cuboid – tissue box.


5.1.21 Lesson 2 – PSHE

Our new PSHE topic is ‘Dreams and Goals’ – Here is the introductory assembly by Mrs Wade that we would have listened to together in school: This is the link to the video Mrs Wade mentions.