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8.12.20 Lessons

Tuesday 8.12.20

8.12.20 Lesson 1 – Maths

Watch and complete the Oak Academy Lesson on the relationship between addition and subtraction, using this link:

Recognising the relationship between addition and subtraction (  

You will need to use your pencil and your green exercise books to record your work as you work through the lesson. You will also need some counting objects (it may be helpful to have two different colours of objects) and a part-whole model. You could use your whiteboard and pen to draw your part-whole model. Remember to send me a photo of your completed independent task!

I have also attached an extra maths challenge to complete after you have completed to Oak Lesson for an extra dojo J


8.12.20 Lesson 2 – Phonics

Watch the video to learn the alternative pronunciation of the sound ‘o’:

Play Acorn Adventures (Phase 5, Sound o):


8.12.20 Lesson 3 – RE

To continue our RE week, today we are reminding ourselves of the Christmas story! See attached PowerPoint to read the Nativity. (See bottom of page).


You can also see an animation of the Nativity here:

Divide a page in your green book into 6 sections. Use the template attached to draw a picture and write a sentence for each part of the Nativity story. Remember to try your best to draw and write neatly, and use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


8.12.20 Lesson 4 – Literacy Challenge (Handwriting)

Practice your handwriting and learn how to form the curly caterpillar letters cadgqoes and f with this video:

Write a whole line of each of these curly letters in your exercise book.