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Due to unforeseen circumstances the Asda Club on Monday 23rd January has been cancelled.

We will however let you know when the next session will be held as soon as possible.


Happy New Year

'Asda Club' which runs once a month with our Community Champion:

Ross Brown

are to start Monday 23rd January 2017.

Letters will go out to KS2 children to remind them!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you to Asda who donated our fabulous Christmas tree!

Due to the busiest time of year and lots going on in school we are to take a break from Asda Club until Monday January 23rd 2017

Hope all the children have a good break and look forward to seeing them in 2017.



Children worked alongside Ross our Community Champion, looking at the 'Traffic Light system' on food packaging.

Children had to try and plan out a healthy meal, using this system which was quite a challenge!

Children were able to look at how much sugar, fats, saturated fats and salts were in each food, making it difficult for them to choose a healthy menu v foods they like.

We hope children shared this will their families, and be aware when shopping for items to use the traffic light system.


Our next session will be Monday 7th November 2016

from 3.30-4.30pm

Welcome back to our monthly Asda Club

Our first session was exploring and tasting healthier snacks, and giving them a rating!

the children did have fun...

Children tried new options such as:

baby corn, carrots, houmous, olives, oatcakes, cous cous, celery, cream cheese, fruit salad and fromage frais...

We hope your child shares their new experiences with you and hoping you can enjoy these new and cheap options together!