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At-home activities to keep you busy

Other Ideas

1. Check out Captain Fantastic's kids party schedule if a parent has access to Facebook (and you ask nicely!)
2. Get closer to nature with live animal cams - Edinburgh, San Diego and Chester zoo have them, as does the Shedd aquarium in Chicago!
3. Host a dance party in your front room.
4. Take a virtual museum tour with the British Museum and Google Arts and Culture
5. Make playdough/salt dough or 'oobleck' - you could post a picture of any sculptures on your portfolio!
6. Read, read, read.
7. Set up an indoor bowling alley with some empty plastic bottles/toilet paper tubes and some balled-up socks
8. Help out with some household jobs- learn skills and earn brownie points!
9. Create an obstacle course
10. Play a board game (or invent and make your own!)
11. Learn a new card game (or invent your own!)
12. Write, prepare and star in a play or musical performance to keep the family entertained
13. Make a thankful jar - fill it with all of the reasons you have to be happy and thankful (then you can read them back on days when you need a little boost!)
14. If you have Lego, get involved with the 30-day challenge you can find online
15. Create a scavenger hunt for a younger sibling
16. Create some origami paper art - tutorials on youtube
17. The James Dyson foundation has design challenges that you can have a go at with items in your home (or recycling!)
18. Make a scrapbook
19. Play hangman, would you rather, charades, musical statues, noughts and crosses...
20. Post on your portfolio to suggest activities you love that we can add to the list!

Stay well, everyone :-)

 Fun Animal Challenge! 

We would like to challenge pupils to see what animals have been visiting them in isolation.

If you google the animal of your choice and then click on the ‘view in 3D option’ you will be joined by an animal!
You need to do it on a phone/ipad rather than a desktop computer.

Animals available are:
Land animals: Tiger, giant panda, leopard, goat, cheetah, pony, brown bear, timber wolf, Shetland pony, python, Arabian horse, raccoon, hedgehog, and deer
Underwater & wetland animals: Mallard duck, alligator, great white shark, octopus, angler fish, and sea turtle
Birds: Macaw, emperor penguin, and eagle
House pets: Pomeranian, golden retriever, Labrador, Rottweiler, French bulldog, pug, and cat

Have fun!