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Friday 9th October 15


Cross Country festival at Knighton Park


On Friday 9th October, a team from Belgrave’s Cross Country club got the opportunity to take part in a City Cross Country festival.  It was a magnificent event, with 677 runners from 29 schools.   Belgrave took a team of Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children.  The team were as follows:


Y3: Juderoy Davis, Wiktoria Doniec and Isaac Wilkinson.

Y4:, Cleo Garner, Lyza Kapita Hans, Shae Rowlinson, Amarni Spence-Pilgrim and Eva Wilkinson.

Y5: Miguel Pena Monteiro, Rian Nagra and Kai Taylor.

Y6: Peter Eyong, George Nuttall and Phelton Tandoh


For the Belgrave runners this was the first time many of them had taken part in a cross-country race and so excitement and nerves were high before the start.  Many of them had learnt in cross country club not to sprint and to try and pace themselves, but that proved more challenging when many competitors set off very quickly.   There were a few aches and pains at the finishing line but everyone in the team finished and many of them extremely well, particularly Armani Spence Pilgrim who finished in 6th place in the Y4 girls race!


Well done to all the Belgrave runners.