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We are happy to offer a FREE Dr Bike sessions delivered by Sustrans

on Tuesday 12th March 2019.

If your bike is unsafe, and or requires some attention bring it along!

Only minor problems will and can be fixed due to equipment and time, but you could speak to the professionals for some advice and guidance.


Once again our Eco group are to take part in Leicester Litterless Campaign.

The children will litter pick over the next few weeks, and on Friday March 22nd will attend 

Abbey Park with other schools and Keep Britain Tidy.

We will be working with Eco Schools

to raise awareness around Litter and how this impacts on the local community!

If you would like to be involved please ask school staff.


Leicester Litterless Campaign



Dear all,


We are very pleased to make you aware of Beat the Street, which is an exciting project to encourage children and families to become more active. Beat the Street is a fun free activity where people are rewarded with points and prizes for exploring their town on foot or bicycle.


The programme uses advanced smartcard and online technology to run a walking and cycling competition that captures imagination and acts as a catalyst to create a social norm around moving. Sixty special sensors called ‘Beat Boxes’ will appear near your school and across central and North Leicester. Players tap the Beat Boxes with cards and fobs to track their journey and earn points for themselves and their team – the more Beat Boxes people swipe during a journey, the more points they earn! This is total free (funded by public health) children will receive information and fob.


During the game residents record their distance walked by tapping their Beat the Street cards on Beat Boxes on lamp posts at various locations, watching their total distance accumulate creating competition and rediscovering their area. The project will take place between 13 March – 24 April 2019.



Key objectives can be shaped dependent upon specific local and partner needs, but as a guideline Beat the Street aims:


·         To increase the level of activity amongst participants

·         To enhance levels of well-being and community cohesion.

·         To increase the popularity of walking and cycling.

·         To reduce the use of cars for short journeys.



Image result for BioBlitz Leicester


Year 3&5 visited Belgrave Hall today and took part in 

BioBlitz Leicester.

Pupils engaged in:

Beast & Pollination




Insect hotels





We logged all species found today and hopefully with our help we will

encourage more wildlife to use this area.

We had a great day learning in the sunshine!!

Thanks to all staff and Dr Helen O'Brien

for a great learning experience!



Well Done and Thank you to all who cycled or scooted to school last week!

This raised awareness to getting around in a more sustainable way!

As part of the regional competition we came 10th place.

Here's to next year!

Thank you to Shanelle, Paris, Michael and Isaac for counting the bikes and scooters everyday!

National Vegetarian Week is an annual awareness campaign promoting the benefits of vegetarian food.

A great opportunity to make some changes and taste some new foods!

As a school there will be opportunities for children to try some vegetarian options.

National Vegetarian Week May 14th-20th

Our children & The Eco Enforcers took part in a local event raising awareness to the litter problem!

In partnership with Wrigley and Keep Britain Tidy organisations, 15 schools took part in tidying up spots in Leicester.

Lots of children helped tidy our school grounds, with the help of parks officers, and then the Eco Enforcers went and litter picked a 'grot spot' by the canal and Talbot park.

Later that day some students from Moat Community College joined us, and we walked to Abbey Park.

At the park all rubbish from the 15 schools were delivered and it was astonishing!

Children and students met with Lee Jowett lead Eco coordinator, Karyn Fullerton (Keep Britain Tidy) and Filbert Fox!

Well done to all that took part in the event, well done Belgrave for all your help to making a difference!


We had a great time for a great cause and we have made a difference!

The children will be compiling a short newsletter very soon...




If you want to be involved as a volunteer please come and see us!!

You are all very welcome!!


Welcome to our new year of Eco-Schools programme

The group of Eco-Enforcers are taking part in a new and exciting project, which affects us all!

Leicester Litter Less Campaign.

Raising awareness around litter and its impact upon our environment!

Image result for eco school

Image result for eco school

Image result for litter less campaign

Image result for great britain spring clean


Eco-Enforcers have been working hard completing environmental reviews, Eco code, creating a action plan for work to be completed, monitored and evaluated.

Most exciting of all our school has been chosen to be a 'Hub School' for the

Wrigley's  Litter Less Campaign!

We will be hosting students from Secondary schools, collecting litter and meeting 15 other schools at Abbey Park.

Children will be leading this project starting with a walk to identify 'Grot Spots' in their local community.

If you would like to get involved please come and see us!!


Our Eco-Warriors

would like to wish you all a

very, merry Christmas!

Our year 5 & 6 pupils were asked to design a poster for Wastecycle in conjunction with

'Road Safety Week'

Children produced important messages of how to be safe and how drivers can be more aware of our school and its pupils...

3 of our children's work was chosen for the final print!

Well done Georgia, Jake and Mary-Kim!

Their winning posters...


Eco - Warriors are to support selling rice at an event after school: Monday November 28th 2016.

This is to help farmers and villagers in Malawi (Africa), to have better life outcomes.

The bags of rice are at a cost of £3 per kg, and everyone that can support this would be offering a child an opportunity to attend school.

We are hoping that some of the money raised can purchase equipment so that the people of Malawi can continue to grow rice and earn a fair wage through FairTrade.



Welcome back

What's new?

Our Eco-Warriors had their first meeting and discussed what they will be exploring this year!


Please read our termly discussion:





Our sponsored 'Super Hero Cycle Ride'... Well done to those who participated today!!!

Lunchtime today with our Super Heroes...

        BIKE BREAKFAST was a great success today over 20 children and some parents came along and enjoyed a healthy breakfast...


Wayne Brewin our Sustrans Bike Champion has helped us

to deliver great activities engaging all the children at school.

The Big Pedal is a National event and our Bike Monitors have counted our bikes, scooters daily, A Big Thanks to them all no

Nationally we are 855th in the country, and Regionally we are 29th and 2nd in Leicester brilliant news Well Done to all that have helped us achieve this!!

Great to see so many Super Heroes today!!






Belgrave St. Peter's 90kg Rice Challenge.




Wednesday 27th April 2016 the Eco-Warriors will be selling Fair Trade rice to raise funds to support some of the poorest people in Malawi Africa.

The pupils have worked for sometime and will be cooking for you to sample a rice dish.

The aim is to sell 90kg of rice and a recipe books which will help support Fair Trade farmers.

The 1kg bag of rice is £3 and a recipe book £1 so please come and support the worthy cause.   


The recipe book offers lots of rice recipes for you to try out!


                         So Please Come Along and Support Our Event!!!!

Belgrave St. Peter's Bike Week! (April 25th-29th 2016)

It's time again dust off those bikes and helmets and let's get riding to school...


 Bike Week April 25th-29th 2016, whereby your child should ride their bike to school every day; this will be recorded daily and your child will be entered into a prize draw/raffle.

On Thursday April 28th only children who ride their bike to school can attend our Bike Breakfast, (healthy options) from 8.15am in the Hall.

From 2.30 - 3pm Year 3, 4, 5, and 6 pupils have the opportunity to participate in a ‘Super Hero Sponsored Cycle’, where you can help raise funds for school developments.

Please support your child/children with this event as they are learning valuable skills in cycle safety. Children can dress up as their favourite Super Hero for the sponsored cycle session. 

See Michelle for further details!!

Fairtrade Matters TRAILER | Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

An evocative and thought-provoking short film offering a glimpse into the lives of two workers at the heart of Fairtrade.

 Fair Trade fortnight February 29th - March 11th 2016


The children have been working on sharing information with you and are also involved in a 'challenge' which you will be made aware of very soon!!!


What an amazing day we had at The Eco-Conference, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


The pupils will share a report with you very soon about their day!

The Eco-Warriors are to attend the annual Eco-Conference Thursday December 11th, which is being held at the National Space Centre. Workshops we are to attend: Just FairTrade, Be Science, Food for Life and Sustrans.

The children will be able to gain further knowledge to share with others including parents/carers.


The Eco-Warriors visited Wastecycle learning more about recycling, specifically where our school rubbish is processed and where it goes and becomes after collection. The children were presented with high-visibility jackets with the school name on. Thanks Steve Jackson this was made possible and the children gain further knowledge to support Eco- Schools Programme.

As part of the 'Eco-Education' the Eco-Warriors have been active in addressing some of our local issues. Since last year we have focussed on litter/recycling. The whole school have been involved in making positive changes  around school with litter picking. The pupils have been successful with negotiating our recycling system in school with Wastecycle; who provide our recycle bins and collect our waste fortnightly.

The Eco-Warriors are to visit Wastecycle, November 9th 2015 to understand how our waste is sorted and recycled on a grand scale and to share this information with staff and pupils.


  Welcome back to our new year and congratulations to the Eco Warriors on achieving their

Bronze Award!

We look forward to more successes this year and gaining new experiences & skills.

Our theme is 'Recycling & litter' and we now have recycle bins in each class and area, courtesy of Wastecycle.  Pupils will help to manage the litter within school, by weekly litter picking, but are asking for you to be more aware of how you are disposing your rubbish!   

Thank you

From The Eco-Team







Key stage 2 children attended their first Fair Trade Conference at City Hall Leicester.

The aims of the day;

  •  To learn more about Fair Trade products
  • Promote Fair Trade in our school
  • To understand why buying Fair Trade products helps other around the world