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Encouraging Writing and Mark Making

As a Foundation stage we are committed to promoting the development of children's writing.  We find as many opportunities for children to mark make and write in all areas of the classroom and outdoors.   We have planned shared write sessions as well as targeted sessions where groups of children may need additional support and encouragement to write. We have recently completed a 'writing audit' and have looked for ways to promote and engage children in all areas of the classroom, indoors and outdoors.   We have added more writing props and prompts for example in our construction area where we have modelled drawing and labelling models made.  We have set up a space for children to save their models by writing signs such as 'do not break!'.   We are planning in more time to model writing in our roleplay area, for example writing shopping lists, train tickets, prescriptions etc

From the audit, we noticed that some children, especially some of our summer born boys only choose to write when directed by an adult.  We have planned in time to encourage children by tapping into their interests and support them in their writing.  We will be using an 'objective-led' approach to writing where adults will be taking writing objectives into the children's play. We believe engagement is key at this stage in the children's development: we want them to be excited and enthusiastic about writing so ensure that value and praise all attempts.  

The reception children have been using their 'writing steps to success' to help them find ways to independently support their writing. 

What does writing look like in Reception?

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Watch this quick presentation to help give you a quick insight into how we support children's early writing in Reception.