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Selected pupils from year 5 & 6 attended Lancaster School participating with 'Change4life'.

Pupils took part in devising games and active exercise, to work with other children.

 The group discussed 'What makes a good leader'

Group working to gain how 'Good Health & Well-Being can be supported by pupils.

Children then played a game to guess how many sugar cubes were in some of their favourite foods.


Children Making up a game, they chose

'Tic, Tac, Toe'



Children played their game which was great fun!

The pupils are now qualified 'Health & Well-Being Leaders'

Respect for All conference

St. Martins House

Thursday 9th March 2017


Some pupils from year 5 & 6 attended conference, to share ideas through dialogue, creativity and shared experiences.

Throughout the world, many people practice different religions. As our world becomes more global, it is important to respect each other and our different beliefs.

Pupils engaged in different activities exploring Judaism, Islam and Christianity, sharing their thoughts and ideas. Children engaged with British Values, and Peace.

If you would like any further information please come into school...

   Our Peace board!