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 Welcome to the Geography page!


Here you will find details about our school policy, topic overviews for each class, and links to fun and useful resources to 'rock' your world!


Did you know that Geography (from the Greek Geographia) literally translates to Earth description? This makes sense, as the subject helps us to understand so much more about the world in which we live! Through learning geography, we can explore a variety of awe-inspiring natural and human occurrences on earth. Check out some of these web links to find out more...


Web links - recommended for Early Years and

Key Stage One

"Earth from Above" + Music by Nature Relaxation™

Web links - recommended for Key Stage Two

Got an APPetite for Geography and want more games that are informative and fun? Here are a few suggestions for geography-based apps that you could try - just check with your parent or carer before installing anything!


  • Where is that? Geography Quiz - by Jaysquared
  • GeoExpert Lite - by Educapix
  • Geography Quiz Game 3D - by Webelinx
  • World Citizen: Country, capital and flag trivia - by Lammar
  • Weather for the World - by ID mobile
  • Volcano - by Arbuz Games

Our School Geography Policy

Topic overviews

The National Curriculum

Key Stage One and Two