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Growth Mindset and Character Education

Growth Mindset and Character Education


Welcome to our Growth Mindset page.  At Belgrave St Peter's Primary School our aim is to support positive attitudes towards learning and high self esteem in children.

What is Growth Mindset?
The term 'growth mindset' refers to a way of thinking, learning and taking on challenges.  A person with a growth mindset is open to constructive criticism, takes feedback and uses it, takes on new challenges, pushes themselves outside of their comfort zones and shows resilience and perseverance.

Studies show that it is people with a growth. mindset (as opposed to a fixed mindset) who achieve in life, are successful in all they do and are happy.  Of course, this is exactly what we want for our children here at Belgrave St Peters Primary School.

Our journey at Belgrave St Peters so far!
We start the Autumn term with the staff  discussing and reminding children how we develop a growth mindset at our school. We know that experts such as Carole Dweck have produced a huge amount of research over the years outlining the impact of growth mindset in education and use approaches inspired through research.



Throughout the year the children listen to various stories which help the children to think about developing a growth mindset by taking on challenges and learning from our mistakes.

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Are you born smart? At birth we can't walk or talk.  These abilities don't pop up over night but develop as we learn.

The children find out how you can grow your brain!


Growth Mindset and Character Education

Over the past year we have been part of a fantastic project called Routes to Resilience.

This project has helped the school to develop ways to encourage children to recognise, understand and develop their character traits or strengths.  It is these character strengths that make us unique and by using these ‘character strengths’ we develop and grow to be the best version of ourselves. At the heart of character education is creating a culture in and out of school where children are given every opportunity to rehearse and strengthen their sense of themselves.

To support children in recognising their own and others character strengths, we will be holding a special celebration assembly every Friday.  We will be celebrating our ‘heroes of the week’.  Each hero will receive a certificate and badge.

Why hero?  The children have been getting to know four important superhero characters over the past year.  Introducing…….




Each character has superhero character strengths and we will be using our Friday celebration assembly to celebrate these strengths. Each week we will focus on a different character and celebrate all of the fantastic ways in which children demonstrate their strengths in school.

Look out for more information for parents about these superhero character strengths over the next term and into the new academic year.


Here is a list of the character strengths that we will be promoting through each of the superhero characters. 


Concentration: I can focus my attention and not become distracted.

Making Links: I can think about what I know and connecting ideas and skills together.

Independence:  I don’t rely on others to do things for you.  I can show that I can learn to do things for myself.

Curiosity: I have a strong desire to know or learn something.  I ask questions to learn more.

Creativity: I can form new ideas, images, or thoughts.

Perseverance:  I don’t give up even when something is difficult, or when I’d rather be doing something else.

Enthusiasm: I am ready and keen to learn all there is to know, and to contribute and enjoy.

ReasoningI can think, talk, and write about things in a logical, sensible way.  I can see other points of view.

Revising/Improving: I can make something better, in any way, than it already is.

Communicating: I listen politely and respect other people’s ideas.    I share my own ideas freely and clearly with others.

Questioning: I ask questions if I’m unsure. I ask questions to develop deeper understanding and asking why.

Problem Solving: I use a variety of strategies and resources to help me solve something difficult.  This may involve perseverance.

Empathy: I can understand other people’s feelings, and find the best way to help or comfort them when they need it.

Respect: I can admire someone, and also listen to others and consider their views.

Gratitude: I am thankful and show appreciation.

Integrity: I am honest and tell the truth.  I do the ‘right thing.’

Co-operation: I have the ability to work together. This might involve compromise or self-sacrifice.

Teamwork:  I allow others to join in and do not limit myself to certain people.

Peace: I am free from disturbance.  I can feel it, and help create it.

Good Humour: I am in a good mood, and try to brighten other people’s mood.

Kindness: I can be generous, thoughtful, and friendly.

Resilience: I can recover from difficulties and ‘bounce back’.

Courage: I have the ability to face challenges, even if they are daunting.  I will take risks,  even if things fail.

Confidence: I believe in myself and my abilities. I am not shy of trying.

Optimism: I think positively and see the bright side.

Self-Efficacy: I believe that through my actions I can achieve.

Self-Esteem: I feel good about myself and others.

Meta-cognition: I think about my own thinking and learning, and am aware of what I am  doing.

Feeling Safe and Secure: I am able to feel relaxed and comfortable.  I  can help others to feel this too.

Imitation: I can use something or someone else as a good model.


Our moto this year is:
Change your words;
Change your mindset.
We have been learning a song called 'The Power in Me' to remind us why we need to develop our growth mindset.

At Belgrave St Peters...
We remember that it's ok to make mistakes-we learn from them.
We never give up! We try a different approach, or use a different strategy.
We learn from each other.
We challenge ourselves-which really helps us make progress.
We take risks-we don't limit ourselves by taking the easy option.
We join in as much as possible as we learn much more by being involved.
We remember that mastering something new feels so much better than doing something you can already do.
We remember that the brain is making new connections all the time- the only thing you need to know is that you can learn anything.

'Growth Mindset' Information Leaflet for Parents

'Character Education' information booklet for parents

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