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We all currently find ourselves in the strange position of trying to learn form home. check out our class pages to see the specific activities that your class teacher has suggested for you to have a go at each week. 

Below are some other amazing opportunities for home learning from all over the internet.

BBC Home Learning Website

The BBC have launched a home-learning site that has content to support learning in all areas of the curriculum. Have a look and find your favourite parts - there are videos and games and clips and lots of different kinds of activities.

For a daily time table we would suggest keeping it simple and designed around the needs of your child(ren) and your own personal circumstances. Here are some ideas of things that you could include in your day:

  • Time to move (Joe Wicks, Yoga or a walk)
  • Time to practise (5 minutes on spellings/handwriting or timetables)
  • Time to read or be read to
  • Time to learn something new (check out your teacher's suggestions)
  •  Time to choose (allow children to choose to do something themselves like painting or going on the IPad)
  • Time to talk about your day and your feelings.