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How to help at home.

Top Tips for Parents


  1.  Find a balance in both using English and your home language in your home.
  2. Tell your child how important you think school is and encourage him or her to participate in class.
  3. Reading  books for pleasure. These can be in either language and any type of reading : magazines, comics, newspapers and even online articles.
  4. Help your child to focus on understanding of books as well as pronouncing the words. Encourage your child to read and read again.
  5. If your child is having difficulty understanding school work in English explain concepts in your home language first.
  6. Work with your child's class teacher. Talk about  problems you've noticed, progress that's been made and ask questions about what they think may help your child.
  7. Remember have fun with language! Play games such as Scrabble and Boggle to help with English spelling. Use I SPY and ABC books to increase vocabulary in a fun way.