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Chicken Pox October 2021

Miss Simon Leaving

Welcome Back KeyStage 1 & 2 Wednesday 25th August 2021

End of Year Updates

Whole school Handwriting Font

Relationships,Sex and Health Education

Suspected hand foot and mouth information

Monday 8th March school reopen to all pupils

February half term information

Newsletter Christmas 2020

After School Clubs Spring 2021

Christmas Raffle Tickets

Thank you & Important information

Children in Need 13th November 2020

COVID-19 General letter to parents

Nursery Places Available

Letter to Parents re. Covid

Year 6 2020 Leavers Book

Lancashire SEND Parent Support Resource Toolkit

Survey Monkey for Parents

Covid 19 Updates Friday

Classes Autumn term 2020

Our amazing 'Lockdown Poem' by pupils at BSP and the lovely Mrs Walker.

Lockdown Poetry Challenge

Domestic Violence Help and Support for Families during Covid - 19 Lockdown.

Parental Tips

Scarlet Fever March 2020

Airport Letter Year 4

Chicken Pox January 2020

Nursery Open Day

Newsletter Christmas 2019

Scabies Letter December 2019

Impetigo 15th November 2019

Children In Need Friday 15th November 2019


Fortnite -Information for Parents

Think Tank Year 4

Sleeping Beauty M & M Productions

Year 6 Leavers Service Leicester Cathedral

Dinner Money Increase

Rainbow Day

Red Nose Day 2019

123 Magic Sessions

Hand Foot and Mouth

Autumn Term 2018 After school Clubs

Steel Pans Continuation Lesson Autumn 2018

Year 5 Twin Lakes

Bell Boating Year 3 & 4

Cedars Academy year 3 & 4 In the Net

Norovirus November 2017

Young Voices 2018

PGL Kit list / Medication 2017

Year 4 Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Trip

Summer BBQ and Disco

St Peters Day Assembly Year 3, 4, 5 & 6

St Peters Day Assembly Nursery Reception Year 1 & 2

Reach for the Sky Year 5 & 6 request for tickets

Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Cedars Academy Year 5 date cancelled

Year 4 Absence Mrs Dennison

Library Letter Year 3

Scarlet Fever

PGL Residential November 2017

Go Orange for a Day

Music Showcase and Christingle Service

School Milk January to Easter 2017

Year 5 Cedars Acdemy Dates

Impetigo Ringworm Letter November 2016

Year 4 Canoing Outdoor Pursuits

Young Voices Year 5 & 6