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2020-21 Academic Year - Planned Class changes

Dear Pupils and Parents,


I know that, for many of you, school may seem a distant memory, but we all hope that we can be together again before too long.


Whilst it is still unclear when schools will open more widely/fully across the country, or what measures will need to be introduced/continued, we have made plans ahead of that time, so that pupils and their families will know who their teacher is likely to be.


The current plan, for a 'normal' start in the new academic year in September would be as follows:


Nursery: Miss Southwart

Reception: Mrs Wade/Mrs Coates

Year 1: Mrs Burfoot and Mrs Bryans

Year 2: Miss Wood

Year 3: Mrs Solanki

Year 4: Miss Hughes

Year 5: Mrs Walker

Year 6: Mrs Dennison


Staff will be putting some information about themselves on the website, and you will be directed to these pages in the coming days and weeks.


Teaching staff are also currently writing pupil reports. Given that they have not been with the children for some time, and much of the curriculum remains untaught, I have asked that they produce an adapted, condensed version, which you will receive before the end of the summer term. Please note, you can communicate with your child's current teacher through either Tapestry or Class Dojo, so if you have any questions, these can be addressed.


Unfortunately, there will be no reports published for our current Y3, given that Miss Hughes barely got to know them prior to the school being directed to close. She will, however, continue in her role as their teacher in the new year, and so I am sure will be happy to address any concerns, when or if they arise.


Kind regards,


Vikki Kenney