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Covid 19 Wider Opening Updates

Dear Parents, Carers, Pupils, Staff and your families,


I hope that this letter finds you safe and well during these difficult times.


I have today, met once again with Governors to review our Risk Assessments and models for the possible wider opening of the school.


Unfortunately, due to a significant number of staff shielding or advised to socially distance/work from home, and the Governments own widening of the staff included in these groups, we do not yet have the staffing capacity to open more widely than at present.


The numbers of vulnerable pupils and those of key workers is gradually creeping up, and as a result of this, we will shortly be splitting this group in to two 'bubbles', which they will remain in for the foreseeable future, thus needing to make greater use of the staff that are currently available to work with the children.


We will also begin to implement aspects of our risk assessment over the next two weeks, so for those children already attending, there will be some significant changes, as we endeavour to make the school 'Covid Secure', before we can consider introducing more pupils and/or staff.


Staff working in school will try to implement these changes in a supportive manner, and will seek to reassure pupils, whilst introducing stricter social distancing measures.


We understand that this situation is far from ideal, however, we have to consider, very carefully, the safety of all members of the school community, so as to ensure that we will be able to open to all pupils safely, sometime in the future. 


The risk assessment, based upon a model shared by the Local Authority in conjunction with the Heath and Safety Team,  will also be made available to you within the next couple of weeks, once these have been shared with staff, the Local Authority and other interested parties, and we have ensured that all steps can be reasonably carried out.


Myself and my Deputy, Peter Hill, will review progress with these measures later in the month, when we will again consider whether we can then open more widely. Any planned changes will be communicated to you, but please feel free to contact me via the school website if you have any pressing questions.


Please know, we all miss the school being fully open, we miss our pupils dreadfully, and we all pray for a swift resolution to the current pandemic. Please try to stay safe and well!


God bless!


Vikki Kenney