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Reception Transition to Y1

Dear Parents and Carers of our Reception Class,


Whilst we are not currently in a position to bring children back full time, we have had discussions about those classes that we feel would benefit most from having some contact with their teachers before the summer. We appreciate that under normal conditions, the move from EYFS to Y1 is a massive change, and this year, that will be even more so, given that they have missed a large chunk of their Reception Year.


For this reason, I have spoken with their new teachers for Y1, and with Mrs Wade and Miss Southwart, and we have come up with a plan to give them a couple of afternoons in school supported by either Mrs Burfoot and Mrs Wade, or Mrs Bryans and Miss Southwart.


To do this, we will, depending upon take up, be splitting the class in to two bubbles, and to reduce risk of transmission, the afternoons for each bubble will be different.


Mrs Ward and Mrs Burfoot will be calling parents in the next few days, and once we know the numbers of children wishing to attend these sessions, we will formalise our plans and let you know when your child can come in to school.


We have really missed our children, and look forward to be able to welcome some of them back over the last two weeks of term.


Kind regards,

Vikki Kenney