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School Closure Update

Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you are all safe and well in these frightening times, and that you are adjusting to this new 'normal' without too many difficulties.


I am that having your children at home full time brings its own challenges, but keep checking through Tapestry and Class Dojo for information and learning activities to keep them occupied.


Additionally, if you find yourself getting increasingly cross with them, please see the Parental Tips PDF which I will put on the website.


You may have seen that the Government is beginning to roll out a Free School Meals voucher scheme which is set to begin after the Easter break. Please note that this will only apply to those registered with Free School Meals, and does not cover universal free school meals for KS1 which have been suspended.


School is able to offer a packed lunch for our FSM pupils at the moment, but due to minimal sign up, have made only a handful each day as they have otherwise gone to waste. If your child/children are eligible for FSM and wish for a packed lunch prior to the voucher system coming in to play, then please contact the school to arrange this.


Please also check that we have the most up-to-date email address for you so that the voucher system can be implemented effectively.


If you have any further questions, please either message the teacher through Tapestry or Class Dojo, or if it is a more specific concern, use the email contacts available through the school website.


Kind regards,


Vikki Kenney