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School Opening Details

Hi all, 

I have made the decision to open the school as normal tomorrow. However to try to minimise the risks of slips and falls, we will be opening the pedestrian gate at the main entrance only. Access will be through the hall with the gate opening at 8.30a.m. 

Parents are kindly requested NOT to bring cars to, or drop/park near to, the car park as we do not wish to heighten any risks to pedestrians as they make their way along slippy paths and roads . 

Staff who drive to work... please do so carefully, and please try to arrive BEFORE 8.30 a.m. so that we can minimise traffic in this area. 

Children and staff are advised to bring a change of shoes and/or wellies so that they have something dry to change in to.

Tomorrow's Nativity will NOT be on, but we do hope to rearrange it for another day as the children and staff have worked so hard on it. 

Stay safe everyone! See you all tomorrow. 

Vikki Kenney