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Y6 end of Year Plans

Dear Y6 Parents, Carers and Pupils,

I have been in discussions with Mrs Walker and a number of other staff members, in order to plan an opportunity for our Y6 pupils to come in to school for an afternoon prior to the end of term.


Whilst this is more of a challenge than you might expect, the need to clean classrooms, and give a minimum of 72 hours between different bubbles populating an area, and the need to ensure that the staff have a 5 day space between bubbles so as to avoid any potential cross contamination, makes it a logistical nightmare.


However, I do now have a plan, which I hope will give all of the Y6 an opportunity to say their goodbyes to their teacher, and spend some valuable time with their classmates.


As you are aware, we are currently only able to have a maximum of 15 pupils in a bubble, therefore, depending upon take up, we do anticipate splitting the class in to 2 groups, one in for the afternoon next week, and the other the following week; both groups will have the same staff members, namely, Mrs Walker and Mrs Evans, who also knows the children well.


Mrs Walker will be contacting parents by telephone in the next few days to find out numbers, after which we will be in touch again to let you know dates and times.


We know that this is not how any of us would have wanted to end your child's time at Belgrave St. Peter's, but hope this will at least go some way to enable them to say, 'Goodbye' to their teacher and some of their friends.


Kind regards,

Vikki Kenney