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No pens day


We celebrated No Pens Day  Wednesday 4th October ,we put down our pens and picked up our language. This was successful  teachers planned a day full of learning without children ( or teachers) using their pens and pencils. We focused our lessons on learning through speaking , listening and creative activities.


Year 4  had a fantastic time they made tetrahedrons from nets( 3D triangular based pyramids).

Some children tried to solve problems and quizzes using lollipop sticks.

In RE they used natural materials to express their interpretation of The Trinity.

They used materials to represent the three entities: The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit all as one.









To make the most of No Pens day and to link it in with our RE week  Reception  had a trip to St Peter's church.  The church is now closed but they explored the outside and looked at some of the features.  They saw the stained glass windows, a bell tower, statues of angels and lots of crosses on the graves.  The children were fascinated by the graves and showed off their new phonics knowledge by recognising some of the letters they have learnt.  Of course, as it was a lovely autumn day, we also kicked lots of leaves and picked up some conkers for the classroom. 





The EAL class had fun writing in messy tray, singing with the instruments and using photo cards at circle time to encourage speaking.