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People who help us

This term we are learning about the people who help us. 


Nursery have had lots of visitors coming into school to talk about how they help people. 


We had a police officer come and talk about her job and the different ways she helps people.  She spoke about she helps children who are lost find their parents.  She also spoke about safe strangers and how people in uniforms can help you if you need it.


We then had a visit from Ally the guide dog and her owner.  She has a very special job and helps her owner to be independent.  Ally knows the way to lots of different places near her house, stops her owner bumping into things and will fetch objects that her owner needs.  


Firemen came into school to talk to us about fire safety and told us about fire alarms, stop, drop and roll, and what to do if there is ever a fire.

They also told the children that they need to learn their home address so that they can tell a fire operator where they live,


Finally we had a paramedic come into our class to show us all the equipment he uses to help people who are poorly.  

Some of the children got to try on the special uniform and helped demonstrate how some of the equipment is used.