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Polish January / February 2017

Who speaks Polish ?

Polish is spoken by about 45 million people in the world. 38 million polish speakers live in Poland where it is the official language. A large number of Polish - speaking people live in Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and USA. 


First words we can learn in the target language of the month.

English Polish
Welcome Witam
Hello Czesc
Goodbye Do widzenia
Good morning Dzien dobry
Good afternoon Dzien dobry
Thank you Dziekuje


Numbers 1-10


English Polish
1 jeden
2 dwa
3 trzy
4 cztery
5 piec
6 szescc
7 siedem
8 osiem
9 dziewiec
10 dziesiec


Questions and Answers

English Polish
What is your name? Jak masz na imie?
My name is Juliana. Mam na imie Juliana.
How old are you ? Ile masz lat?
I am 5 years old. Mam piec lat.
Very well. Bardzo dobrze.



Year 5 sharing what they learnt about Language of the Month by doing an class assembly .