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PTA – Friends of Belgrave

We shared with the whole school the parents/carers creations which are to be focal points across schools Reflection Areas.

The Silk painting project was fulfilled by committed parents/carers who worked alongside artist

 Linda Harding

for several weeks to create a legacy, depicting images of our Christian ethos.



Thank you to those that took part in this project!

Amazing artwork


Some of our parent/carers have joined us to develop our Reflection Areas across the school, with the help of specialist artist Linda Harding.

The themes for these images are:

In the beginning/Creation, Noah's Ark, Core school values and St. Peter.

This project will support our school's faith, values and ethos.

This is parent/carers working on "In the beginning/Creation" and will be on display in Early Years area from September.


Meeting with MP, Councillors, Police and Highways Agency:

Friday 29th April 2016 from 3.30pm in the hall.


We would like to inform you that we are to hold a meeting concerning the roads around the school. This will be held at school in the presence of local councillor/s alongside MP Liz Kendall or a member of her team also a member of the Highways Agency and the Police will be attending.

I have shared that substantial concerns were raised at a recent PTA meeting and that you would like an opportunity to discuss these further. Concerns focus around there being no crossing person on such a busy crossing, the heavy duty traffic which uses the road in close proximity of the school, the dangers of cars stopping and dropping off at the lights, and the dangers of queuing and access around the main gates. I do hope that you will be able to attend to give your opinions on this serious issue.



Friends Of Belgrave, is the name of our school's Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

All parents, carers, staff and community representatives engaged with the school are automatically members, so come along and get involved!


Michelle Forbes, Pastoral Care and Katleen Ajah our EAL Leader, tend to lead our coffee afternoons and organise some of our events. We hope to build this team over time and are grateful for your participation, whether that be at meeting, helping out at events, or simply coming along and joining in the fun!


At Belgrave St. Peter's we believe in inclusivity, we do not believe in cliques, therefore ALL parents/carers are welcome at any of our meetings; please do come along and find out what we're about.


Please come and join us we are making items for the Christmas Fayre and would really appreciate your support!



Christmas card making...


It's not too late to come and join us! Please come and help us with your ideas for our Christmas Fayre, parents and carers are currently making Key chains...

Just to let you know that coffee afternoon's are held every Wednesday from 1.30pm-3pm. We would like to see more of you attend! They are held in the Community Room, just ask at the office and they will direct you. We feel this will build our home/school relations and ensure ‘The Friends of Belgrave’, become stronger and be more active within school events.

This is a great opportunity for the school to listen and respond to your ideas.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!

Michelle & Katleen


The Friends of Belgrave are currently planning our annual Christmas Fayre, it would be great if you could come along and join us on a Wednesday afternoon! We can enjoy a coffee and a chat also, so come along!

We look forward to seeing you!

If you have any unwanted gifts or items in great condition you would like to donate for this event please see Michelle.