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Student Charity Committee

       Student Charity Committee

 What is it?  

              The student charity committee is a group of pupils from Years 5 and 6 that helps to organise events which raise money for different groups in need, in our local area and the wider world.  


Please note - the committee will not be restarting at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, in line with our COVID-19 risk assessment.  We hope to be back soon!                




Who are we?

What have we achieved so far?


So far the staff, pupils and parents of BSP have helped us to help others by: 

  • buying hand-made Christmas decorations and other items at the school fete

  • bringing in donations of new toys and other much-needed supplies for the homeless in Leicester

  •  supporting our very first Diversity Day, when we celebrated the differences that make us - and our families - special.

Our Chosen Charities

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