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Timetable and Curriculum

Timetable and Curriculum


In Nursery we allow for extended periods of play so that children have plenty of time to explore and follow their own ideas.


We use topics as a starting point and will read a variety of stories linking to the main book or theme for the half term.  Children's interests will often take us on different routes of exploration which we follow with great interest. 


We use objective led planning in order to teach children skills in the different areas of learning, working on their individual next steps.


The classroom is set up with 'continuous provision' so that children are able to access all the resources they may need.  This means that children are able to learn independently and practise skills without needing an adult.  Continuous provision is carefully planned in order to provide appropriate resources for all of the skills the children may be working on.  Each area will then be enhanced or have  a provocation added to interest the children. 


In Nursery we encourage curiosity, wonder and intrigue.