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Topics and Long Term Overviews

Planning Topics


We will focus on specific stories and also plan activities based on children's own interests and experiences, thus these topics may change through-out the year.


 As we are a Church of England school we have planned in Religious Education weeks where we will be learnings all about Christianity and Christian beliefs and other religions and cultures.

Topics 2017-2018

Topics 2016-2017


Autumn - 'Myself and school', 'Houses and Homes'.

Spring - 'Space' and 'Growth in Animals and Plants'..

Summer - 'The Sea' and 'Africa/Food'.. 

Each section contains parents overviews for each topic, giving ideas about what the children will be covering in class as well as ideas of how parents can support children at home.

Topic Resources 2016/2017


We will be spending the first weeks of term doing our home visits and will then be having a staggered start where small numbers of new children start in the nursery every other day.  This enables the children to settle better and become used to their new environemnt and setting over a few weeks.

We will be spending the first half term getting to know the children and their interests.