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And now we have these three: faith and hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.’ 1 Corinthians 13:13

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Welcome to our Reception Class Family

Here you can keep up to date with the information regarding Reception.

Contact Information

Your class teacher is Mrs Joshi

You can contact us by email on

Start Time - 8.45am 

Finish Time - 3.15pm


PE Day


Forest School



Reception Learning 

This summer term we will be learning...

Our topic this term is: ‘Wheels in motion’.


  • Challenges: moving to Year One Perseverance. Who can help me at school? 
  • Doing things myself and helping others. Independence. What can I do if I am worried? 

 Keeping myself safe 

  • Keeping myself safe - Road Safety 
  • What’s safe to go on to my body? 
  • What’s safe to go into my body? 
  • Safe indoors and outdoors 
  • Listening to my feelings 
  • Keeping safe online 
  • People who help keep me safe


  • Speaking in well-formed sentences.
  • Use new vocabulary in different contexts. 
  • Use talk to explain what is happening and anticipate what might happen next.
  • Recall and relive experiences; discuss special events, birthdays, school celebrations etc.  
  • Retell the story once they have developed a deep familiarity with the text; some as exact repetition and some in their own words.
  • Explain ideas and experiences using different tenses, prepositions, temporal connectives and vocabulary acquired from all areas of the curriculum.


  • Racing and obstacle courses – skills for sports day. Running, jumping, hopping, skipping, travelling under and over obstacles, throwing and catching  
  • Small tools; cutlery, tweezers, pipettes, scissors. Cutting textured paper, tracing, using templates, playdough  
  • Drawing, painting, weaving or simple sewing 
  • Drawing maps, transport, junk modelling vehicles 


  • To 20 and beyond  
  • How Many Now? 
  • Manipulate, compose and decompose 
  • Sharing and Grouping 
  • Visualise, build and map  
  • Make connections 


  • Fiction & Non-fiction books about the past.  
  • Creating our own stories (orally or written) with a beginning, middle and end.  
  • Using new vocabulary from stories throughout my play and when making up my own stories  
  •  Read simple stories and describe main events  
  •  Write simple phrases and sentences, making phonetically plausible attempts at writing newly acquired vocabulary. 
  • Use key features of narrative in own writing. 
  • Using descriptive language in oral storytelling and in writing.  
  • Instructions; writing numbered lists in a logical order.  
  • Using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops 

Understanding the World

  • History – Transport in the Past
  • Geography - Local Area – Transport
  • Seasons of the Year: Summer - How we stay safe in the sun; sunscreen, hats, sunglasses. Safety around water. Changing state of matter; Why do our ice lollies melt? 
  • Shadows 


  • Which stories are special and why? 

Expressive Art and Design

Design – Structures, Boats. 

  • To learn how to plan and select the correct resources needed to make a model. 
  • To share a finished model and talk about the processes in its creation. 
  • Talk about the suitability for different materials and reasons why.   
  • Look at similarities and differences between existing objects / materials / tools 
  • Discuss problems and how they might be solved as they arise. 
  • To learn about the different ways in which we can join materials together and to practise these techniques.